Product Introduction

Heat Expansion Coffee Charcoal

It is a environment friendly product without causing damage of nature without being suspected of being harmful by product during production process!

  • It is a state-of-the-art technology developed product with innocent nature materials being suitable for grill
  • Coffe beans have been imported 100% from overseas & inspected and quarantined. The cancer-causing agent & toxic substance can not be passed quarantine. After extracting flavor & taste of coffee, it is to be manufactured with remaining oil component, aromatic substance, and carbon wood with roasting process.
  • After extracting coffee crude liquid, it is to be manufactured with high-efficient dehumidifying effect & deodorizing effect with remaining coffee flavor & madreporite being permeated into meat with smell.
  • Althogh it has a low heat value as a fuel, it can be changed into fuel-efficient materials making an addition to sawdust or subsidiary materials. In case of using it as a fuel in fireplace or indoor heater, it can maintains indoor fresh air.
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