Product Introduction

Reclamation Pipe

Reclamation Type 80A Allotter(STS304 15pieces)

There is no need a fire fighting pump installation. This is a type of embedding a piping branch box on ceiling concrete using 5.0Mpa of water supply pressure. This is a safe product that was passed a test of bearing 5.0Mpa pressure and deformation test by KFI and introduced in 14th New Fire Fighting Equipment Presentation held by National Fire Agency.

Material STS 304 80A
Supply Water Pipe Connection STS 60A Socket
Branch Arm Piping connection 20a PBM Valve Socket
Box connection 28A CD Coupling
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Ventilation Fan System

It is located with a upper position of kitchen balcony generally. When a fire happens, smoke detector & heat detector is to be operated by emergency electricity.