Product Introduction

Non-Combustible Pad & Penetration Hole


  • It is a specialized product for blocking heat & flame upgrading expansion force to be applied to EL-752 pannel & fireproof filling compound structure for construction.
  • It has a self-flame retarding. In case temperature goes up to approximately 140℃ caused by heat or blaze, such elastic rubber expands by forming char in burned surface having a particular function to prevent fire from spreading to other premises.
  • This product is generally used for pannel connection position, fire-spreading blocking pad.
  • Applicable Product : Fire Barrier Materials, Heat-expansibility pad, welding fabric, flame-resistant fabrics for tray
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Fireproof Filling Compound Structure - Penetration Hole

  • It is proved to be a fireproof filling compound structure function by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and ransport, no.2018-772 & fireproof filling compound structure detail guide
  • Possibility of PVC pipe(wall) 100A application
  • It has a stable expansion force with state-of-the-art technology & high-quality when a fire happens
  • Such material is able to expand maxium 30 times forming layer blocking a heat, smoke, gas with sealing gan of penetration hole.
  • It maintains a high-efficient durability under various environmental conditions
  • It has a convenient construction ability with a state-of-the-art technology & high quality
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