Product Introduction

Water Barrier Packer

Hole finishing - Water Barrier Packer

  • This product is equipped with an anchorage device located in the end of the anchor. It's structure is urethane process structure having a waterproof & fixture function fixing the tensile member into the anchorage device
  • Packer structure for water barrier being on the basis of packer structure's expansion, hardened by leachate after inserting water barrier packer into the hole on poor ground is a concrete structural stability. As a result, it has a strong point - convenience of construction & price competitiveness comparing to rubber structure packer.


  • Urethane structure having a expansion & hardened structure by touch water.
  • Soft Expansion Urethane
    - Easy-Processing by molding
    - Ground Anchor tensile steel wire penetration process, Simple Structure Reclamation Style Process
  • Site Installation by injecting two liquids with injector as a urethane process